Birthday Party made me fall in Love

This is a story about how a small meeting with someone can make your life beautiful and worth remembering. It was the birthday party of my cousin at the Ramada Hotel of Wyndham Hotel Group. I went with my mom and dad. The guest have already arrived at the venue and were enjoying there mock-tails. They all were beautifully dressed with costly suits from famous brands like Belmonte, Tommy Hilfiger, Jones New York, Ralph Lauren and the ladies too were looking high profiled from their high brand cosmetics, appearances. I was wearing a peach colored long Visagey gown and a pearl necklace..
The party was on a full swing. Soon it started growing dark outside. But the hotel was still enlightened with the lights inside it. Everyone was enjoying the party, but I was getting bored because of lack of good companion with me. Soon a smart handsome stud in black jeans, a white shirt and a matching tie came to me he was probably using a wildstone deo because it filled the atmosphere around me with that pleasant smell. So he came to me and asked if he can join me. Since I was already bored so I too thought of enjoying this cute company and let him join me. That night we talked and talked and talked.. didn’t even noticed that party was finished and all of the guest have already gone to their rooms.
The hotel staff told us to go to our respective rooms. It was already late and it really felt bad to leave each other. So with a heavy heart we said a good bye. But before leaving he told
me the words that are still engraved in my memory, he said “I never stayed awake for so long, its "U" that felt more interesting to me than those fairies in my dreams. may be destiny would be kind enough to make us meet again somewhere...someday!!!!!!!! I'll wait.. and you????"... I didnt answered, just gave him a smile..
But the fact is, that I am still waiting coz
.................................................BUT TO DEPART AND MEET IS THE only HOPE!!!!"

College Girls Trip to Wet n’ Wild Water World Australia | Tube8

It was friendship day. Me and my friends decided to celebrate the day in a memorable way. So we decided to go to the Wet n’ Wild Water World of Warner Village Theme Parks near Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia. As usual being the girls, we started discussing the whole program including the makeup, the dresses and the whole stuff.

we were gossiping the whole night. Nearly at 2’o clock, Shakira (pet name one Jennifer) one of my best friend interrupted that we should sleep now, its already late and we have to leave early morning from our college girls hostel.. so everyone decided to have some rest…!

Well it is the human physiology that the biological machines like our body needs atleast 6 hours sleep and in case of teen college students like us it can be 9 hrs or more specially when we are really supposed to wake up early.  So that day we woke up at 11 in the morning. Everyone was in a rush than, to get two hours we all got ready. Well for the first time I saw my friends finishing their makeup so soon else they take a lot of time. So lets move on. We have booked a brand new Toyota Innova for the journey. It was standing on the gate, waiting for us to hop in. So we all moved in and grabbed our seats. I took the window one… it was raining the perfect day for a picnic. After a long drive of two hours, we realised that we have lost our way. Since no one of us has ever been to there, So we couldn’t exactly guess where were we? We than consulted a on the way supermarket salesman, and after a small discussion we were out of that place and moved on to the right path guided by him.

After a drive of 7 hours we finally reached there. Since it got dark so we decided to stay in a nearby hotel named Arc Resort Gold Coast and best part of this hotel was its hospitality. We were too impressed by it.

Gold Coast is really a sweet place. We thought of having a glance over the city as we were there for the whole night seen many discos, café and restaurants from outside. Few of us also buyed some souvenir. Well we finished our walk and returned back to the hotel.

The next day we moved to the water park buyed those ticket necessary for the entry inside it….well…..the place was just awesome!!!!!!! So many cool rides and people enjoying there. We took a long breath and jumped into that crowd, enjoyed each and every ride…few of our favourite ones were Giant Wave Pool, Super 8 Aqua Racer, Calypso Beach, Mammoth Falls, Extreme H2O Zone, SkyCoaster. Catched up those moments in our sony’s SLR camera of Angelina. That really gave it the best shots… and updated that on my facebook profile same night to tease those friends who didn’t joined us.

The day was soon over but the memories are still alive in form of our memories and the clicked pics…!  — Tube8

First Crush Turned Into Marriage | Tube8

Sometimes the opportunities do come back in your life. Specially when it is concerned with your first crush that later on grows to an affair and finally when you are on the verge of departing, suddenly the heart beats grow faster and tells you that it’s not mere a thing to forget but it is something you can’t live without.

I (Sara Michel)was in school at that time. A cool girl with average looks, more indulge in my studies and with my friends. I never wanted to trap myself in complexities of love, so never had an affair. I had a boy(Steve Mathew) in my class who used to be one of my enemies or more appropriately to be called as a jerk. Who used to tease me each and every time… we had arguments over every topic whether concerned with ourself or not. It doesn’t matter. We just enjoy the fight.

Years passed on…… it was the last day in school. We were going for the dance party. I was in a black long gown with my hairs neatly tied, blushing with the compliments given by others.. but I was waiting for someone else this time. To come near me and finally end the arguments we used to have.. a few minutes later, he arrived wearing a black Armani and a most expensive Fastrack watch, hairs gelled.. looking so cute and handsome that any girl can fall for him. Program soon started.. lots of games, dances, songs…and finally the couple dance.. Boys came on the stage with their girls holding each others arms, and dancing with the charm and the fascination for one another. I was with George. One of the dudes of my school and Steve was dancing with Kate (people used to call her Kate Winslet) one of the most beautiful girl of college who once won most beautiful teen award when she was 16 year old. She was considered as the hottest babe that used to be the dream of all boys. The party ended and we left at midnight for our homes. Steve came to me and offered a lift. I wanted to refuse like the normal days but I couldn’t. I don’t know why I agreed to that. We didn’t talked to each other in the whole ride, no fight, no arguments not even a single word that night. But that silence was killing me. Soon we reached home. He dropped me and went away. He didn’t even looked back. I missed those fights. I wanted to stop him but didn’t have any reason.


One day I got a call from an unknown number, I picked it up. It was HIM!!!!! from the houstan, Texas and I was just going to scream with the surprise. I asked him why he behaved so rudely on the last day, that he didn’t even cared to say a bye and where was he from 2 years. He stopped, took a long breath and said “sweetheart, I loved talking to you, but you never wanted to. So I used to interrupt you and irritate you, in order to listen a few words from you just for “me”. I loved the way you came closer to me each time and addressed me in those fights. Soon I fell in love with you, I never told you that because I knew you won’t agree to it and you would stop fighting with me than. So I decided to propose you on the last day but didn’t got the courage. Now I am independent, and working with one among best Hotel group of America, have a good job and a future, so miss Sara Michel, I Steve Mathew want you to be my life forever. I will listen to your every word. Give you the love, respect and care you deserve”


Tears rolled down my eyes and the only word that came out of my heart was……”YES!!!!!”

Sometimes we curse god that why we don’t have any one to love and why we are still single, but the fact is that “May be he is busy in writing the best love story for you.” And one day you will find out that. —  Via Tube8

Vacation to Rome with Angelina and Shakira | Tube8

Rome know for its history and past. Famous for its Heritage. Monuments and museums such as the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum are amongst the world’s most visited tourist destinations. Contribution of artist and architects like Bramante, Bernini and Raphael to Renaissance and Baroque architecture made Rome more appealing.

Well its me and my family who planned to visit Rome in November. Angelina and Shakira my two kids were too curious for our trip and planned lot for things for themself. When we left home we were all ready with our digital camera and handycam with our laptop so that we can upload our pics and tour details while travelling. Our all booking was done and our stay was in Rome Cavalieri Hotel.

On our day 1st we went to The Colosseum and then for Vatican Museums. It was amazing experience to see such ancient places. Although Angelina and Shakira were not enjoying those places as they are adventurous girls and not much interested in architecture  and history. They were just waiting for some adventures fun.

Next day we decided to start our day with Roman public bath. Men and women enjoyed coming to the baths not only to get themselves clean but also to meet with friends and family and to exercise. We first go to the unctuarium where we had oil perfume massage onto our skin and then exercise in one of the exercise yards. Next, we went to the caldarium, similar to a Turkish bath, hot and steamy.   Here we sat and perspired, scraping our skin with a strigil, a curved metal tool.  Attendants served us snacks and drinks.  Finally came a dip in the calidarium (hot bath) and a quick dip in the frigidarium (cold bath). This is what Angelina and Shakira enjoyed a lot. At evening we planned for The Circus Maximus which made Angelina and Shakira’s day more entertaining.

Our tour operator insisted a lot to visit Catacombs but my wife denied it that she is not interested in seeing anything related to deads. We planned for shopping that day and went to Pantheon and Via Del Governo Vecchio, Piazza Colonna and Piazza Barberini, Piazza Di Spagna. We buyed gifts for friends and family. We also buyed some Cleopatra statue for my office colleague. We even buyed some computer games for Angelina’s friend. Same night we went to La Terrazza, in the Hotel Eden for dinner.

On my wife’s demand we decided to went to tube8 tattoo parlour where  she get a Cleopatra tattoo on her butts. To enjoy a romantic evening with my wife i went to Sapori del Lord Byron, in the Hotel Lord Byron. Next morning we catch our flight back to home with fun filled memories of the Rome. Rome’s culture tradition fashion left long lasting memories in my mind and wish to visit it again with more time.

Friends Wedding on Final exam day | Tube8

This is a story of true friendship. Sometimes you get a chance to prove your friendship by accompanying your friend in most important days of his/her life. What will you do then??? Will you let them live it alone, or be a part of it???? It was 11 July. We were having our final exams of graduation from the University of California. One of the greatest colleges that guarantees you a respectable job along with your pocket full of money and all kind of luxuries you have ever dreamed of. So it was the last exam and it was the toughest subject we ever had. Few days before that exam I got an invitation from one of my closest friends. It was the most important day of her life and she wanted to have all her close buddies there, it was her marriage invitation.. I was so happy…but the whole happiness went away when I saw the date….”10 JULY”….

Oh my god!!!!a day before exam well it was impossible…it was the final terms and no one would dare to risk his/her own future for that.. so we decided to not attend the marriage and remain there in our rooms and study. my heart was really feeling bad for that but we didn’t have any choice….

Suddenly in the night on 9th I decided to not hurt her on such a occasion and go there to enjoy the day.. so we booked a Toyota Fortuner for the same and started the journey. The venue was not so far from there, nearly 3 hours by drive. So we set off early in the morning.. When we reached there I was quite amazed. It was the famous “HAWKSON HOTEL”.. decorated with roses and purple tulip flowers.. it was beautifully lightened… people were enjoying snacks with their drinks. Special mocktails were arranged for children’s. My friends dad was related to Hollywood so few celebrities were also present there including Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox.

Ohk now let’s move on further, inside the hall, we gave a surprise to our friend. She was looking not less than an American angel. She was so nicely dressed in her peacock blue wedding gown with a dark brown border. Every one was coming to her and with giving her gifts with good wishes. We gifted her a big pink teddy bear from Archie’s coz it was one of her favorites.

She was soo happy.. we enjoyed a lot there. Then in the night we came back…studied a lot.. and to our surprise the paper was a easy one.. we gave that in full spirits and finally got good marks and a degree with shining future in our hands..

“Friendship never demands proofs and never speaks volumes,

its a gift of god that should be treasured till we are alive…….”

Readers Personal life Experience  – Tube8

Johnny Depp and Megan Fox Valentine 2011 at Tube8

It was a beautiful full moon night. Even though it would not have been a beautiful night it would seem like one for a couple in love in each others’ company. Romance was in the air, and it should be, after all its Valentine day, the day of love as people say. For youngsters especially teen it’s a big fashion to celebrate this day with passion. A teen couple Johnny Depp and Megan Fox went to a date to celebrate this day at a beach nearby Tube8 hotel.  The day had been planned by Johnny well in advance. When they went shopping Johnny gifted Megan a takini swimsuit of a bright pink color. During the day  they had taken lots of pics and videos from their mobile cam and handycam to ensure that they capture all the possible moments of intimacy, they also send few videos as MMS to their friends while they uploaded some on youtube, orkut and facebook. Both loved dancing so Johnny had allocated some time to close ballroom dancing. They both treated themselves to an hour of salsa, bachata, zouk lambada, rueda and jive. Both loved Hip hop also but it would have been completely out of occasion. Today the night was for sensual instrumental music, not for Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Shakira, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Akon or Black Eyed Peas. To make the ambience more beautiful Johnny had some makeshift decoration of a bed with soft curtains, also he used candles for more romantic effect. The meal was sizzling hot and both loved the food that was served. Overall, a memorable day for this lovely couple. To tell about their history, Johnny was previously going out with Angelina, and Megan was going out with Brad, but fortunately things didn’t worked out for them as these two were meant to be with each other. Before that they had varied kind of experiences in their past as both of them had gone out with Russian, British, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and African teens, as nothing worked out they both settled for an American. Their first meeting was a interesting one, the day started normally with both taking a shower, there was a party that night in a Las vegas night club which was in close proximity with a strip club, barring that aberration it was a glamorous party, there were lot of drunk teens that day and these two were among them. Since then both have been inseparable.